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Volunteer at Near West Theatre in a variety of ways!
Short-term and long-term commitments are available. Choose from theatre operations, special events, special projects, and leadership opportunities.

Sign up to volunteer during Big Fish here!

When you volunteer to work during a performance, you are entitled to see the performance that day for free. (When the house is sold out, seating is not possible.) Your name will be on a volunteer list in the concessions area and with the House Manager. Interested? Send an email to volunteer@nearwesttheatre.org to get more information.

BOX OFFICE ASSISTANT (Ages 18 years & up)
Works with our Box Office Manager to organize reservations, take ticket payment and total receipts for the day.

CONCESSIONS WORKER (Ages 13 years & up)
Helps Concessions Manager set up baked goods, make coffee, package popcorn and pretzels, restock refrigerator and clean up area at the end of the show.

HOUSE GREETER (Ages 8 years & up)
Works with House Manager to straighten up audience area, put inserts in playbills and distribute to guests, greets and seats the audience and helps pick up track on the risers after the show.

Makes baked goods to sell in concessions. This is what audiences look for the most – the homemade delights. One recipe is adequate. More is always welcomed.

TICKET TAKER (Age 16 years & up)
Collects ticket stubs, counts stubs and submits report.

GIFT SHOP ATTENDANT (Ages 13 years & up)
Sets up the items for sale, sells before show, during intermission and after show, and total cash receipts for the day.


As a production crew volunteer, you will be expected to be at the theatre for the last 2 weeks of rehearsal and for each performance during the run of the show. Interested? Have questions? Need more information? Send an email to stagemanager@nearwesttheatre.org.

Operate spotlights during the run of the show, help hang lights, manage patch board, run light board.

Operate the system during the run of the show, manage microphones, manage headset for production staff.

Build and base paint platforming, flats, and specific set pieces. Clean work space.

Spike and glow tape set pieces, clean stage and back stage during run of performance, execute set shifts, some upkeep of set pieces and the operation of special effects equipment and maintenance.

Assist costume designer with sewing, dyeing or gathering of items, help organize costume room.

Assist props designer with construction or gathering of materials, organize items for rehearsal and manage them during the run of the show.

If you are looking for summer intensive training on set construction, scenic painting, lighting, and how to safely use the tools of the trade, sign up for our summer work sessions (Ages 15 & up only).  Email Perren Hedderson for more information about the program and an application form.


Near West hosts an annual fundraiser that provides at least 15% of the organization’s annual budget. Volunteers play an integral part in making the event happen. Planning process is 8 – 9 months and involves monthly committee meetings as well as subcommittee meetings as needed. Leadership positions for each committee are open. Subcommittees include:

  • Raffle/Auction(s)
  • Food
  • Decorations (need varies depending on venue)
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Invitation
  • Underwriting
  • Registration
  • Row Captains/Table Hosts

Near West hosts one VIP event each season and occasional opening night receptions during the season. Both events generate “buzz” around a season or show opening. The VIP event is a thank you to sponsors while opening night events serve as mini-fundraisers. Working with a Near West staff member, volunteers assist with planning and running the events in a variety of capacities.

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