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Anyone Can Whistle  - November 19, 20, 21


Winter Youth Cast: Ages 9 - 15
SHOW RUN: February 15-24, 2019
Book by Arthur Laurents Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim 
Orchestration by Don Walker 
Directed by Kelcie Nicole Dugger

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Fay Apple – Female, The resilient, young nurse at The Cookie Jar. She falls in love with Hapgood. She is meticulous and practical, but provides a lot of fun throughout the show.

Cora Hoover Hooper – Female, The rich and greedy Mayor who is hated by her people. Controlling and desperate.

J. Bowden Hapgood – Male, The new doctor in town who falls for Fay. Hapgood is wild, whimsical, and charming. He is more than meets the eye.

Comptroller Schub – Male, The town's Comptroller and Cora's right-hand man. He is hotheaded and mean.

Treasurer Cooley – Male, A former Preacher and the town Treasurer who was tossed out to pasture. Schub's right hand man. Scuzzy, slimy.

Chief Of Police Magruder – Male, Serves as the Chief of Police and rounds out the trio of Cora's lackeys. He aims to please and gets excited when he does, but he is mostly a day late and a dollar short.

Mrs. Schroeder – Female, Baby Joan's tough mother.

Dr. Detmold – Male, The fussy doctor of The Cookie Jar. A very busy man and a bit of a snob.

Ensemble, Cookies, Deputies, Townspeople, Pilgrims, and more!


Can't make it to these auditions?

Contact Kelcie Nicole Dugger at 216-961-9750, or email kdugger@nearwesttheatre.org


Remaining Auditions in our 2018-19 Circus of a Season:


Near West Theatre holds group auditions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. No preparation or preregistration is required. Actors of all experience levels are led through multiple improvisational exercises providing every participant equal opportunity to create through word, movement and song. Auditions focus on the creative process, not the product; on working as an ensemble, not solo. After this first level audition, callbacks will focus on individual roles/songs and working from the script.


  • No experience or preregistration necessary. No prepared material needed.
  • A relaxed, playful and friendly atmosphere.
  • Wear comfortable clothing & shoes for dancing so you can move easily.
  • Group audition process. Actors are led through multiple improvisational exercises including acting, movement and singing.
  • All individuals should arrive 15 minutes early to register.
  • Auditions begin promptly at the designated time. Anyone arriving after the starting time will be asked to audition at the next scheduled time.

For more information, call the Near West Theatre office at 216-961-9750.

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